4 Tips to Book a Car the Economic Way to Save a Fortune

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Summer calls for vacations, barbeques, and beach trips. However, if you’re a budget traveler, one of the best ways to enjoy a road trip vacation is availing a Toronto car rentals service.

Now, for those who aren’t owners of private cars, a car rental seems like a gift from the heavens above. Except, in the peak holiday season, a car rental turns into a traveler’s worse nightmare. If one doesn’t know the exact tips to book or rent a car, a car rental will charge a fortune.

Thankfully, this article has the solution!


Unveiling 4 tips to Rent a Car the Cheap Way

  1. Understand the Cheapest Book-Time

Summers in Ontario is the peak vacation time, so if you decide to opt for Toronto car rentals service just a few days prior to your vacation, chances are you’ll see a huge price hike. Additionally, due to excess demand, you might not even get to pick the vehicle or car model that you had in mind thanks to its unavailability.

So, tour guides advice to book for your car rental in advance mostly during the offseason. This way, you’ll be able to pick out a coveted model while paying less money for your rental vehicle.

  1. Reduced Pricing and Cancellation Policies

If you book a car from a selected Toronto car rentals service, in the off-season, make sure to read it’s terms and conditions beforehand. Often certain companies offer cancellation option for car rentals which are free. Now, this cancellation option is different for various companies but is generally free of cost if done within a designated time period.

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So, pick a company and invest if it offers free cancellation. In this way, if you later find a cheaper company offering better rental deals, you can cancel beforehand without incurring extra termination fee.

  1. Flexible Drop and Pick Ups

Pick up and drop of timings, grandly affect the prices charged by a Toronto car rentals service. For example, if you rent out a vehicle in a 24-hour block, it means that a 25-hour rental will incur the same cost as a two day one. Additionally, ensure that you pay careful consideration to the drop off time and return time of your vehicle to prevent incurring extra cost.

  1. Understanding Fuel Options

Different car rental services offer various options when it comes to fuel consumption.

Certain companies come with ‘Full to Fuel’ options that means, once you return the vehicle it needs to come with a full tank or else it’ll incur extra cost.

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Again, certain car rentals come with the option of ‘Full to Empty’, which means that one while returning the vehicle must ensure that the tank is nearly empty. Failing to deliver an empty tank will again incur a fee.So, choose wisely on the type of fuel consumption you’ll need as, these policies with their perks have the above cons too.

Now that you’re aware of the 4 tips to pick a Toronto car rentals service the cheaper way, book your vehicle in advance to prevent spending huge dollars on car hires.