Difference between Bulletproof Vehicles and Standard Cars

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Opposed to the popular belief, armored vehicles or bulletproof vehicle are only meant for the important personnel’s like politicians or celebrities, who wants to avoid the inquisitive eyes of the media and public. However, the notion is totally wrong. As armored vehicles or bulletproof cars are being used by various organizations and institutions, in order to transport precious or cash from one location to another.

Security is a national concern of any country. One cannot deny the fact that a wide range of security measures are taken for ensuring the security and safety of important persons. Studies have shown that the utilization of bulletproof vehicles like cars, trucks, etc are increasingly used for safe transportation of goods and as well as individuals.

There are many armored vehicles manufacturing companies who are coming up with a wide range of armored vehicles by catering to the needs of the people. Basically, they design the vehicles taking into consideration all the safety features so that it can easily meet the safety standards.

Bulletproof cars or vehicles are designed in such a way that it can withstand extreme temperatures. In fact, they can easily take away the occupants from the place of attack safely. Well it can be stated that bulletproof cars vastly differ from a standard car.

bulletproof vehicle

Important Pointers

  • Bulletproof vehicles can function on deflated tires

Armored vehicles like armored vans or trucks are designed in such a way that it can even move ahead at a great speed on deflated tires. This can help to transport a person or a precious item safely, in the event of the vehicle being attacked.

  • Steel Bumpers

Steel bumpers can be used to destroy roadblocks.

  • Bulletproof Vehicles Are Sufficiently Armed

Armored vehicles are adequately armed in order to protect the passengers. For example, it can contain a bar railing in between the driver’s seat and passenger compartment.

If you are wondering how you must go through rest of the blog.

    1.Raw Materials

There is huge difference in raw materials that goes into the creation of a bulletproof car that makes it armored. All the exterior part of the vehicles is made of galvanized and stainless steel. These materials make the vehicle a safe means of transport. Studies have shown that the steel is safe from any kind of rust. They are hardened to make it ballistic resistance.


For standard cars, sleek design and safety is given equal level of importance. However, sometimes one can gain antecedence over others. But for the manufacturing of armored or bulletproof vehicle, the main objective is always the safety of the valuables or the passengers. Care is taken to make the vehicle ballistic resistance. Hardened steel and bulletproof glass is usually used. However, the thickness level of the glass or the steel depends on the level of resistance required. Well, one will not get to see bulletproof glass or hardened steel, for standard cars.

The advancement of technology has made it possible to make the vehicles lightweight while making it strong and resistant. A bulletproof car or a truck can ensure safety and security of the people. Check this modified Mercedes SUV here.

4 Tips to Book a Car the Economic Way to Save a Fortune

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Summer calls for vacations, barbeques, and beach trips. However, if you’re a budget traveler, one of the best ways to enjoy a road trip vacation is availing a Toronto car rentals service.

Now, for those who aren’t owners of private cars, a car rental seems like a gift from the heavens above. Except, in the peak holiday season, a car rental turns into a traveler’s worse nightmare. If one doesn’t know the exact tips to book or rent a car, a car rental will charge a fortune.

Thankfully, this article has the solution!


Unveiling 4 tips to Rent a Car the Cheap Way

  1. Understand the Cheapest Book-Time

Summers in Ontario is the peak vacation time, so if you decide to opt for Toronto car rentals service just a few days prior to your vacation, chances are you’ll see a huge price hike. Additionally, due to excess demand, you might not even get to pick the vehicle or car model that you had in mind thanks to its unavailability.

So, tour guides advice to book for your car rental in advance mostly during the offseason. This way, you’ll be able to pick out a coveted model while paying less money for your rental vehicle.

  1. Reduced Pricing and Cancellation Policies

If you book a car from a selected Toronto car rentals service, in the off-season, make sure to read it’s terms and conditions beforehand. Often certain companies offer cancellation option for car rentals which are free. Now, this cancellation option is different for various companies but is generally free of cost if done within a designated time period.

car rentals in Toronto

So, pick a company and invest if it offers free cancellation. In this way, if you later find a cheaper company offering better rental deals, you can cancel beforehand without incurring extra termination fee.

  1. Flexible Drop and Pick Ups

Pick up and drop of timings, grandly affect the prices charged by a Toronto car rentals service. For example, if you rent out a vehicle in a 24-hour block, it means that a 25-hour rental will incur the same cost as a two day one. Additionally, ensure that you pay careful consideration to the drop off time and return time of your vehicle to prevent incurring extra cost.

  1. Understanding Fuel Options

Different car rental services offer various options when it comes to fuel consumption.

Certain companies come with ‘Full to Fuel’ options that means, once you return the vehicle it needs to come with a full tank or else it’ll incur extra cost.

rental cars

Again, certain car rentals come with the option of ‘Full to Empty’, which means that one while returning the vehicle must ensure that the tank is nearly empty. Failing to deliver an empty tank will again incur a fee.So, choose wisely on the type of fuel consumption you’ll need as, these policies with their perks have the above cons too.

Now that you’re aware of the 4 tips to pick a Toronto car rentals service the cheaper way, book your vehicle in advance to prevent spending huge dollars on car hires.

Bridges of Niagara to visit on tour from Toronto

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When touring in Canada, the Niagara Falls seems to be on every tourist’s list. There are a number of Niagara tours from Toronto that tourists can choose from. But if you visit the Niagara Falls, be sure to visit all the bridges there. Here is a list of bridges you can see.

  1. The Suspension bridge.

In 1848 a number of engineers decided to build this bridge over the river but getting a cable across to the other side of the bridge seemed like a risky challenge. However engineer Charles Ellett Jr. found a solution to the problem and now their stands the Suspension bridge. The bridge looks over the narrowest point of the gorge, about 800ft deep. Cables of about 1160ft were passed over to the other side and there are also wooden towers on either sides of the bridge. It was officially opened on 1st August, 1848.

  1. The Lewiston- Queenston Suspension bridge.

This bridge is of historical significance. It helped accommodate a number of families after the 1812 war. They settled in the area at the time. Niagara tours from Toronto can arrange for your visit to this historical place.

niagara tours from toronto

  1. The Railway Suspension Bridge

This bridge was once dismantled to make another suspension bridge, in a difference of seven years. This new bridge could hold two levels, one for railway traffic and another for carriage. For the first time a bridge was designed here to hold a train’s weight.

  1. The new or Second Suspension bridge.

In 1877 a new Suspension bridge was built. Safety issues were the reason behind this rebuilding. A bridge of a new design could provide security for people travelling over the bridge. This bridge was later built with increased capacity. Niagara tours from Toronto say a new type of steel arch for the bridge was called for in 1895.

  1. Lower Bridge

This bridge is also known as the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge. There used to be two levels on this bridge. Foot traffic and vehicles were confined within the lower bridge while the upper part was for railways.

niagara bridges

  1. The Cantilever Bridge

The ten feet wide bridge is one of the narrowest bridges over the river. Traffic had to use only one way at a particular time. Engineers started working towards widening the bridge in the year 1887 and were finished on 13th June, 1888. this bridge does not exist anymore as a storm that hit Niagara on 10th January 1889, completely destroyed the bridge, so much that not even a speck of it was left.

  1. The new Cantilever Bridge

This bridge was rebuilt again, very soon. The rebuilding of the bridge commenced at full fledge. The new bridge was slightly wider measuring at about 17 feet. However this did not last long. Niagara tours from Toronto informed that the bridge could not handle electricity powered street cars and the demolishment took place in 1899.

  1. The Second Lewinston Queenston bridge

This bridge did not last after 1962. It was located between the Niagara Escarpment. The modern one replaced this bridge.

  1. The honeymoon bridge.

One of the largest steel bridges with an arch, this bridge of 840 feet and had two tracks; one for the trolley cars and another one for the horse carriages. It was regarded as a marvel of the times.

niagara falls tours in toronto

  1. Michigan central railway steel arch bridge.

This was built from the Whirlpool rapids bridge. The bridge still stands but no one is allowed to step on it as it has been closed since 1979.

  1. The Rainbow Bridge.

This measures about 950 feet and connects Canada with the U.S. It used to be the largest bridge without hinges; people were o excited to see its performance that they gathered around it at the time of its construction.

  1. The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

Niagara tours from Toronto talks about this bridge informing that it exists even today. It was built in1962 replacing the second Lweiston-Queenston bridge. The design matches with that of the Rainbow Bridge.

These are the bridges that tourists are most curious about when visiting the Falls, some of these don’t exist anymore while others are still very much there.

Limo Makes the Perfect Corporate Impression

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In this present competitive environment, you might have to struggle if you have a business and want to be at par with the competitors. When you go for a business tour, you have to be professional and make a good impression on the clients. People often tend to overlook the transportation. Nonetheless, this is the most important thing.  If you want to opt for a sophisticated and flawless mode of transportation then you consider hiring a Limousine service Toronto. It comes with a wide range of benefits which you might not even have thought of.limousine service toronto Take a look at some of the reasons you should consider hiring a limousine to make the ideal corporate impression.  Royal Ambiance

Limousine offers the best royal ambiance to the travelers. When you think of business transportation, you will have to consider the one with comes with the finest extent of amenities for a luxurious travel. A Limousine service Toronto will have plush leather upholstery, entertainment units, sound system, ice chest bars, tinted windows, and also an exclusive ambiance that will help you to carry on with the business discussion in absolute privacy.limousine servicePunctuality

There is an old saying, “Time is Money”. This is true for the corporate world, too. If you are out on a business tour, there is no question of being late. This is because it will show that you are unprofessional in nature. However, if you opt for a limousine rental, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy on-time pickup and drop of. The chauffeur of Limousine service Toronto will also maneuver you through the chaotic traffic. With this, you will be able to relax at the back seat without even worrying about the delays.

Long Lasting Impression on the Clients                   

You should know that first impression in the last impression when it comes to business. In case, you have a business client visiting the city then you can send a limousine to receive them from the airport. This way you will be able to make a good impression for your business. Moreover, it will assure the clients that you are professional. In fact, if you have a limousine at your disposal, it will ascertain your financial soundness.limousine service toronto

Guaranteed Safety

When you rent a regular car, there is always a chance that something will go wrong.  However, if you book corporate Limousine service Toronto, you will know that you are in safe hands.  This is because an experienced and licensed chauffeur will be driving the car. Hence, you will not have to worry about any trouble on the ride.

Comfortable and Luxurious

When you are planning on taking new client, there is nothing worse they can experience than an uncomfortable ride. If you have to make your partner feel pampered and special, you can hire a luxurious Limousine service toronto with music and drink. This is the ideal way to let them know that they are valued.

When you hire a limo, it will show the client what your business has to offer. Moreover, it will show that you can go the extra mile for them. You can dress up nicely and make your business appear attractive for impressing the clients and pulling them in.

Party on the wheels on a party bus

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party busParty bus are one of the most unique ways to spice up your special day and party with your special ones. One of the biggest advantage of renting a party bus is that you start partying as soon as you step inside the bus. With the surround sound and the club lights, you won’t even have to get off and you can have a splendid time dancing and rejoicing to the occasion. For more info on reserving your very own party, you can visit   http://www.party-buses-rentals.com/ or call or email them for more info!

Limo King Party Bus Rentals

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